Honest attorney and not out to take advantage of someone

Excellent attorney. The fees he charged for my complicated issues were very reasonable. Honest attorney and not out to take advantage of someone. Phone calls were returned promptly when he was out of the office. Highly recommend this attorney.

Rick was an invaluable extension of my team

Rick helped me with both personal and professional legal work. I worked through a divorce with Rick and he always had good advice which accounted for the various parties in the situation including the children. I appreciated his consideration of my kids along with my best interests. Likewise, as a business owner, Rick was an invaluable extension of my team. He made sure I understood how to structure my business entity and then worked to continue protecting my interests as I hired employees, negotiated contracts, and planned for the future. I never hesitate to reach out to Rick even for seemingly minor questions. He offers reasonable rates, excellent advice, and is patient with my questions.

Years of experience as a trial lawyer

Rick is an engaging fellow. He not only has years of experience as a trial lawyer, he has a depth of life experience to draw upon that enables him to provide advice on a broad array of topics. He has helped me write and amend Wills and other documents. He knows the law but is also quite adept at explaining the ins and outs of legal practice. There’s always something he’s thought of that hadn’t occurred to me, something that should be included or might better be left out. Though he appears to have a thriving practice, he’s generally available on short notice, almost always quick to return a phone call if he’s not immediately available. I genuinely enjoy my conversations with Rick.

Always been fair and quick to help

For 3 generations and 45 years my family and family business has been dealing with this law firm. Always been fair and quick to help.

Saved us many times more than his fee

Rick Derrico is the rare attorney who will make your life easier and simpler. He’s untangled many a mystery for my company, and saved us many times more than his fee.

Excellent, professional and at reasonable cost

The Derricos have been doing all our legal work for years. They’ve done our wills, living wills, power-of-attorney, etc. Their work is always excellent, professional and at reasonable cost. They’ve also done trust work for us, helping dissolve an 80-year-old, complicated trust that had tied up family real estate for generations.

Helpful and compassionate in all matters

Rick Derrico has gone the extra mile to answer my calls and emails quickly. Visits with him have been informative and his rates are fair. He has been helpful and compassionate in all matters and I highly recommend him.

Pleasant, easy-going demeanor

Rick has a non-judgmental disposition. He is interested in the facts of the situation and helping his clients find the best path through any legal issues. I always appreciate his pleasant, easy-going demeanor and his candor with sticky situations.

Professionalism, accessibility, and just downright common sense

I’ve worked with CED on many occasions. They have assisted me with legal matters related to a rental property I own, with real estate contract issues my clients have confronted, and with Homeowner Association issues, where I’m the treasurer. Without exception, in all my dealings with them, I have been very pleased with their knowledge of the law, professionalism, accessibility, and just downright common sense.

Gets the job done efficiently and with good humor

Rick is the rare multi-practice attorney who actually knows more than one trick. He seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of estate planning. Given virtually any scenario, Rick can cite personal and/or professional experience he’s had with that very situation. He’s mainly written wills and other documents for me and my family. However, I’ve also had the privilege of watching him at work in the courthouse as a trial attorney. He generally has a good rapport with clients, fellow lawyer and judges who comprise the 23rd Judicial District. He gets the job done efficiently and with good humor.